Monday, June 18, 2012

Android App Info : aSpotCat (app by permission) - Android Apps on Google Play

aSpotCat: Easily Manage App Permissions

Finding permissions granted to each application
on your Android device one by one is a time-
consuming task. Thanks to aSpotCat, you can
now manage and edit permissions granted to
each application easily.
aSpotCat is an application for the Android OS
that allows users to find out permissions
granted to and being used by different
applications. For example, it allows you to find applications that cost you money, access your phonebook, etc.

The aSpotCat app can also find malicious and
spam software that just causes chaos inside
your Android OS. For example, malicious SMS
software may send SMS’s without your
permission and thus cost you money. Just open
up aSpotCat and you will see its main menu,
from where you can view the apps by
permission, by bookmarks, or list all the apps
in one place. The “List App” screen allows
you to view apps individually and see what
permissions they require.
Have knowledge about which app uses what
Protects your privacy.
Save money, battery power and more by
deleting apps that take permissions you
don’t want to give.
Check out aSpotCat @ https://

Get this App here :
aSpotCat (app by permission) - Android Apps on Google Play

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