Sunday, July 8, 2012

Android /Windows /Mac App News : Musixmatch

Music apps these days either play music
or recognise music that’s already playing. One app in particular does both, and more.
musicXmatch finds the lyrics of whatever song you are currently listening to on your Android.

It’s great if you are a death metal listener
but can’t really understand the screams.

Availability :
musicXmatch is available for devices running
Android 2.1 or above. It’s free, but
unfortunately not ad-free. It has in-app ads
and sometimes even full-screen
advertisements when you go into the
application itself. There isn’t a donation app or in-app payment method, so you just need to live with it for now.

The application is also available for Windows
and Mac users. Just head over to the
musiXmatch website and download your
version HERE :


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