Wednesday, July 11, 2012

App News : WeatherBug iPhone and Android app for accurate forecast

If you are planning a day out, or going on
holiday, you’ll need to know what weather
you’ll likely to be facing, and if you own a
smartphone then probably the easiest way of
keeping up to date on the weather is with a
weather mobile app such as the WeatherBug
app for iOS and Android.

The WeatherBug app for the iPhone, iPod
Touch, and Apple iPad along with Android
devices is said to offer the fastest and most
targeted alerts, along with more accurate
weather forecasts with neighbourhood level
weather in real time.

The WeatherBug app for Android and iOS
offers the WeatherBuzz feature that enables
the user to share weather alerts to their
Facebook social network, and also receive
DTAs, (Dangerous Thunderstorms Alerts) by
Earth Networks that deliver the most advanced
weather and lightning bases alerts that have
been identifies as moving into your area.

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