Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Social Networking with a Difference: Zurker.com

Zurker is quite an interesting website based on the premise of a social network owned by its members. It’s a Facebook like network but instead of a few rich owners there are many shareholders. Members can buy or earn v-shares of the company – there are presently 1,000,000 available. What’s neat about Zurker is the possibility of this site finding a niche of its own. Facebook threw a net and caught everyone. Yet, LinkedIn was able to convince the masses that Facebook isn’t appropriate for your professional networking. Maybe Zurker will appeal to those who rally against the big corporation; a trend that we have seen growing by the thousands throughout the USA and abroad. These people may be looking for such a company that listens to members and goes against the grain. Zurker may just be just the answer. What makes Zurker different in my humble opinion is: 1. Invitation only until April 2012 2. open accounting books – members can see where, when and how the moolah is earned 3. member owner – you can earn v-shares or buy them for about $1/each 4. simple design – I call it a cross between Craigslist and vBulletin with more color Visit : Zurker.com 4 more info.

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