Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Business Website : What's your Must Have Score?

MustHaveScore - Collect and Analyze
Feedback From Your Customers

Your most passionate customers hold the keys
to faster, sustainable growth. MustHaveScore
provides a systematic way to collect and
analyze feedback from your mot passionate
customers. Applying these insights to your
customer acquisition process improves overall
customer loyalty and evangelism.
How a personal uses your product impacts the
likelihood they'll consider it a "Must Have." We
make it easy for you to discover these use
cases and discern which ones are truly a "Must
Have." By focusing product development and
marketing efforts on your Must Have Use
Cases, your product's overall Must Have Score
increases. Monitoring and improving this score
is a sustainable way to support long-term
growth as it is directly correlated to referral
rates and customer retention.
Your Must Have Score is a key business metric
that gauges growth potential. It measures the
percentage of your users who would be very
disappointed if they could no longer use your
product. provides a free,
fully automated service to help you determine
your Must Have Score and Must Have Use
Cases. Your analysis starts when you embed
the 1-Minute Feedback Widget.

Get more info here:
What's your Must Have Score?

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