Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Music Website :LetsListen -Cloud storage for music and listen with your Buddy

Let’s Listen: Stream Songs Online
While Text, Audio & Video Chatting With

Have you ever shared a song with a friend
online and wished you could see their exact
reaction to it? If yes, then you will be glad to
know that there is a web service that lets you
and your friends interactively stream songs
while chatting with others through text, audio,
or even video; the site is called Let’s Listen.
Let’s Listen is a website that helps friends
interactively listen to music. You can use the
site to stream songs with your friends and
simultaneously chat with them through text,
audio, and video. To get started, all you have to
do is sign in with your Facebook or Twitter
account. You and your friends can interact with
one another in the chat box as you all stream
to music.
Apart from the chatting features, the site
offers playlists, song favorites, and uploading
music to provide you with an overall music

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