Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cloud Computing Website Info : MadeiraCloud

Cloud computing is new. Even though there are established providers like Amazon Web
Services, Cloud is still a relatively new
territory for everybody. Today, when
companies try to build applications on AWS,
they tend to builed dedicated for AWS, taking
advantage of AWS's unique nature (AutoScaling,
ELB, etc.), rather than just migrating.
However, the problem is that there is no such
tool for that purpose (integrating AWS features
with the applications), they have to hire
experienced engineers to write in-house code
to do that, which can be very expensive and
MadeiraCloud begins with the idea to solve the
problems for users building applications on
AWS. MadeiraCloud uses AWS, too. We learned a
lot from the development, and we know what
the pain is.
It is very common for engineers to draw an
architectural diagram to plan and design their
systems, but when it comes to the
implementation, they become nothing more than
conceptual references. No matter how many
times the administrators have to provision,
they have to configure every single new
environment manually (firewall, load balancer,
OS, database, web server, app server, etc.).
This setup process is tedious, time-consuming
and error-prone. Worse, still, as time goes by
it is very common that the deployment differs
from the static diagram, which is known as
"consistency hell."
Now, imagine you can compose the actual
systems in a similar way to the way you draw
these diagrams, drag and drop icons, and
connect them. While you focus on the
architecture, the rest of the "heavy-lifting"
work is left to us. Madeira will bootstrap the
servers, mount additional storage, deploy your
code, and setup the connections, all hands-
free. Also, Madeira presents an architectural-
level view of your application, not only each
component's state, load, performance, and
alerts, but the correlations among errors and
performance deterioration. It will record and
replay how failures spread through your
system, which is very useful for root cause
diagnosis and availability enhancement.

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