Monday, June 18, 2012

Youtube Best Video Tool : Janus :: Add-ons for Firefox

Janus adds a like/dislike bar under YouTube
video thumbnails, giving people more
information about how worthwhile a video is.
The hit-count alone can be very misleading;
having the like/dislike info helps skip over the
junk and find the good stuff.

It's great fun to browse among YouTube videos,
but it's not so fun once you've fallen into
YouTube Abyss. That's the zone where nearly all
of the 'related' videos are pointless, despite
incredibly high view-counts. If only you could
see the like/dislike bar before clicking on the
thumbnail ...
Now you can, with Janus. Janus adds a like/
dislike bar under YouTube video thumbnails.
Now you can skip the junk, and get back to
enjoying your video browsing!

Get this Addon Here :
Janus :: Add-ons for Firefox

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