Friday, July 20, 2012

App Review : A Complete Review of the Google Analytics Android App

Google recently launched the Google Analy-tics mobile app for Android users on June 29, 2012. Being an Internet marketing professional, I was pretty curious about
what the app had to offer.

In this post, I have tried to provide a
preliminary review of the app and the various
traffic reports that it offers. For the sake of
this app review, I have divided Analytics users into three categories based on the frequency of use and the level of user expertise.

The first one is the power user who eats,
drinks, and sleeps the process of churning out
Analytics reports, similar to the geeky folks in my office who stare at mounds of numbers and graphs on their screens and smile
intermittently. The second one is the medium
level user who looks at it frequently and tries to derive some insight from the traffic data while working on minor, but regular,
improvements to his website. The third one is
the least indulgent user. He is probably a
company owner who looks at Analytics from a
bird’s eye view, just to get a feel for how
well his website is doing from a traffic and
conversions perspective.

Given its current functionality, this app is
geared towards the third kind of user who
would just flip out his phone, check the current traffic, make a decision about whether it’s good or bad, and then get his boys to work on it to ensure the campaign is on the right track.

Monitoring website traffic on-the-go was a
tedious exercise previously. If you are a person
who lives and works in a non-3G, mobile
network area, checking Google Analytics was an
arduous exercise. It used to take forever for
the reports to load, and you can’t really
fault Google for that. It takes a lot of backend
processing to create the well-formatted
graphs that we are used to seeing on the
desktop UI.
With the introduction of this app, things will be
a lot easier since a major part of the

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