Saturday, July 21, 2012

Social networking is often used to record
events that have already happened, or things
that are currently taking place. Facebook lets
you share your thoughts, ideas and photos with your friends, while Foursquare can be used to build up a record of the places you have visited.

Google Schemer is a little different as it
enables you to plan for the future. This
does not mean building up a to-do list of chores you need to complete, but compiling
a list of things you would like to do – fun activities, dream, adventures and more.

What’s It For?
Schemer can be used in a couple of ways. The
first option is to build up a list of things you
would like to do at some point in the future –
you could think of it as a bucket list on your
Android. Alternatively, you can use Schemer to
discover things to do based on where you
currently are. Add to this the ability to share
your lists with friends and family, and it’s
easy to see how Schemer is not only an
interesting tool but also a very useful one.

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From sprucing up its production to launching it in space, Raspberry Pi is grabbing
headlines everywhere.

We reported yesterday that Raspberry Pi
has launched its operation system, Raspbian and now there is another browser for the credit card sized computer. Hexxeh, the developer of Chromium announced the beta version of the Chromium browser for Raspberry Pi. A post on reads: “Chromium binaries are now available
for you to download and try out.

These will ONLY work on Raspbian images,
if you're running Squeeze or anything that isn't hardfp, don't even think about it. Whilst it's not required, using the 224MB memory split, overclocking your Pi and using a fast USB stick or SD card for your root file system will improve your browsing experience. I've had the blog frontpage load in as little as 5 seconds by combining all three of these.”

Raspberry Pi is available for pre-order for
Indian users through the Element14 website at
a price of Rs 2350. The pre-order was opened
in March, which has gained huge response.
Infact, as soon as the pre-order was opened,
the company was reportedly selling 700 units
per second.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

App Review : A Complete Review of the Google Analytics Android App

Google recently launched the Google Analy-tics mobile app for Android users on June 29, 2012. Being an Internet marketing professional, I was pretty curious about
what the app had to offer.

In this post, I have tried to provide a
preliminary review of the app and the various
traffic reports that it offers. For the sake of
this app review, I have divided Analytics users into three categories based on the frequency of use and the level of user expertise.

The first one is the power user who eats,
drinks, and sleeps the process of churning out
Analytics reports, similar to the geeky folks in my office who stare at mounds of numbers and graphs on their screens and smile
intermittently. The second one is the medium
level user who looks at it frequently and tries to derive some insight from the traffic data while working on minor, but regular,
improvements to his website. The third one is
the least indulgent user. He is probably a
company owner who looks at Analytics from a
bird’s eye view, just to get a feel for how
well his website is doing from a traffic and
conversions perspective.

Given its current functionality, this app is
geared towards the third kind of user who
would just flip out his phone, check the current traffic, make a decision about whether it’s good or bad, and then get his boys to work on it to ensure the campaign is on the right track.

Monitoring website traffic on-the-go was a
tedious exercise previously. If you are a person
who lives and works in a non-3G, mobile
network area, checking Google Analytics was an
arduous exercise. It used to take forever for
the reports to load, and you can’t really
fault Google for that. It takes a lot of backend
processing to create the well-formatted
graphs that we are used to seeing on the
desktop UI.
With the introduction of this app, things will be
a lot easier since a major part of the

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Sony Music Unlimited Android App Update Adds Offline Playback Support - Geeky Gadgets

Users of Sony’s Music Unlimited on their
Android tablets, will be pleased to learn
that Sony has rolled out a new update to
their software, which has added the ability
to playback tunes whilst offline from your tablet.

The offline playback features within Sony Music Unlimited has been available for some time on other platforms such as PS3, PC, and Mac.

The Android smartphone Music Unlimited app
has also received a new update a features, in
the form of the ability to a new My Channels
feature, that allows you to build your own
custom radio stations based on a specific
musical artist.

Sony Music Unlimited for Android phones and
tablets is available for $3.99 and $9.99 per

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App Top News : Amazing Alex, Shadowgun and more on this week’s Android app charts

The top of the Android charts were once again dominated by apps we’ve seen several times in previous weeks, namely DeNA’s card- battle hit Rage of Bahamut, which refuses to budge from the No. 1 spot on the list of top grossing Android apps. The very top free apps are also still mostly official Google programs like Maps, Gmail
and Street View. As expected, Rovio’s Amazing Alex continues to perform
well, rising to the No. 3 spot of top paid
Android apps from its No. 11 spot debut last

This Week’s top grossing Android apps are Here :

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My PC Backup Android App Now Available! :: MyPC Backup News

Yes, it’s here! The My PC Backup Android app is available, meaning that now there
is no stopping you when it comes to access-ing your data from anywhere in the world!

With this new app, which was released on the
1st July, you can enjoy all of My PC Backup’s fantastic cloud storage and synchronization features through your smartphone. With this innovative app, you
can listen to music, watch
your videos, view your photos, and open your
documents, all thanks to its user friendly
controls. But that’s not all that’s on

Here are some more of the superb features you could be enjoying:
- Take photos and immediately upload them to
your SyncFolder
- Share your photos with Facebook, Twitter or
- Protect your data with the app’s
password lock
- Browse and open all of your backed up files

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inDefend app review | Hello Android

inDefend Mobile Backup is an extremely fast and easy to use Android app to backup essential data including contacts, messages, call logs, calendar, browser history,
bookmarks and system settings from
Android smartphone, in an encrypted form
on a secure cloud server.

Usage: Keep multiple encrypted copies of
all or certain essential data of your android phone on the cloud server, view and restore essential backed up data at will.

i. Backup messages, contacts, call logs , system
settings, calendar, browser history and
bookmarks from your Android smartphone
ii. Encrypted Backup stored on cloud server
iii. Automatic backups to keep periodic backup
iv. Restore any data from cloud at will
v. Securely access & export backup states on
PC from cloud server

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inDefend app review | Hello Android

App Security : Android Malware Found in China Mobile’s App Store Racks Up Huge Phone Bills

Malware on Android devices is a real and
growing threat, and is likely to worsen.
TrustGo, a mobile security company has
discovered a new malware that can
download paid apps and contents from
China Mobile’s app store. It is believed
to have infected more than 100,000
smartphones in China. The Trojan
downloads paid apps and videos without
the user’s knowledge. This
sophisticated new malware could cause
unexpected high phone bills …

M-Market ( is an
Android app store hosted by China
Mobile, one of the largest wireless
providers on the planet with 660 million
subscriber. The store had more than 149
million registered users, who roughly
make 30 million downloads each month.
The store hosts both free and paid
applications. Besides paid apps, M-
Market also offers paid video contents.

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App News : iFixit: Repair Manual for Android

You’d previously access iFixit through
your desktop browser, but with the release of the official iFixit: Repair Manual app for Android, you can consult iFixit’s database of repair manuals even on your Android phone. So, you no
longer need to lug a laptop or shuttle back and
forth to your desktop while fixing something.
All you need to have is your mobile device, and
you’re ready to go.
Some of the useful and interesting guides that
you can find inside iFixit include MacBook repair
manuals, iPod repair manuals, PC laptop repair
manuals, Honda Accord repair manuals, dozens
of digital camera repair manuals, hundreds of
cell phone repair manuals, and many more.

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