Friday, July 13, 2012

Social App : Smile! Facebook Android app update lets you snap using the front camera

The much-maligned Facebook app for
Android has been updated. Which is
good, because it was in serious need of improvement.

Chief among its new skills is the ability to use the front-facing camera, so you can take a new profile picture without any guesswork
involved. Say cheese.

So what else is new? The new messaging
feature lets you switch between conversations,
bring in friends of friends, share bigger photos,
as well as see who’s available. Some of the
bugs have been fixed too, which is good news,
as I frequently get not one but two spinning
balls telling me something is happening, though
not what. Frankly, it’s a bit of a shambles
considering it’s had nearly 4 million
I’m guessing Facebook will find a way to
vastly improve the app as soon as it slaps

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Android App : Jorte Calendar: Pretty On The Inside

Everyone has appointments and events that
need to be remembered – whether it’s a
case of remembering an appointment at the
doctor, or that you need to pay a bill – and
your Android device is a perfect tool for
keeping track of things.

Whether you have a tablet or a phone, it’s
likely that you have it with your most, if not
all, of the time, and unlike a traditional paper
diary, it’s something that you take care to
ensure you don’t lose. Jorte Calendar is a
powerful personal organizer app that replaces
whatever stock calendar tool was provided
with your device.

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launched a new native Android App that
features a completely revamped user
experience customised to the Android
operating system.

The launch of the Betfair new Android App
highlights its continued commitment to
enhancing its mobile offering, and in
particular improving the betting experience
of customers who use Android devices, the
majority of whom currently use
Betfair’s web app on their browser
rather than the current native App.

Betfair for Android v2.0 builds on the
recent intuitive interfaces launched on
Betfair’s iPhone and iPad Apps and
includes a highly responsive look and feel, a
superior visual home screen, Betfair’s
‘Cash Out’ tool, price graphs and
market view enhancements.
Betfair’s mobile division continues to

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tech Info :How to get OnLive Desktop running on a Mac, allowing free access to Microsoft Office

We have known about OnLive’s
awesome Desktop feature since this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. OnLive Desktop allows you to get access to a full Windows 7 client, complete with the ability to use Microsoft Office and other Windows apps. It was introduced as an iPad and Android app earlier this year, coming with 2GB of free cloud storage and paid plans that offer a bit more storage for those looking to get serious. The folks at OnLive promised the release of a Mac app with similar VM functionality, but that day has never come.

Luckily, Snowleo on the OnLiveFans forum
posted an unofficial guide to getting OnLive
Desktop to run on a Mac. It is a simple process,
requiring only a free application called
“Bluestacks”. Bluestacks lets Mac users
run Android apps on their desktop, and it now
allows them to access OnLive’s desktop
service with a little side-loading. Only a few
steps are required, and you will soon have free
access to a full version of Microsoft Office on
your Mac. Here’s how:

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App News : WeatherBug iPhone and Android app for accurate forecast

If you are planning a day out, or going on
holiday, you’ll need to know what weather
you’ll likely to be facing, and if you own a
smartphone then probably the easiest way of
keeping up to date on the weather is with a
weather mobile app such as the WeatherBug
app for iOS and Android.

The WeatherBug app for the iPhone, iPod
Touch, and Apple iPad along with Android
devices is said to offer the fastest and most
targeted alerts, along with more accurate
weather forecasts with neighbourhood level
weather in real time.

The WeatherBug app for Android and iOS
offers the WeatherBuzz feature that enables
the user to share weather alerts to their
Facebook social network, and also receive
DTAs, (Dangerous Thunderstorms Alerts) by
Earth Networks that deliver the most advanced
weather and lightning bases alerts that have
been identifies as moving into your area.

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App News : Twitter Upgrades iPhone, Android Apps -- Now with Built-In Video

Twitter announced upgraded versions of
its iPhone and Android apps Tuesday — adding many of the features that users have been enjoying for some time.

Now you can click on a tweet with a video link on your smartphone, for example, and have the video play directly in the tweet — just as you can on the website.

Expanded tweets will also include images
and the summaries of articles, should the
link point to one of Twitter’s media partners (such as Mashable).

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Twitter Upgrades iPhone, Android Apps -- Now with Built-In Video

App News : Starbucks Android app finally arrives in the UK and Canada

Android-owning coffee addicts living
in United Kingdom and Canada can,
from today, start paying for their
brewed beverages and food using a
new Starbucks app. Once installed,
all you have to do is link it to an
existing Starbucks card and order some drinks.
The app will display a barcode for the barista
to scan, resulting in the total being
automatically debited from the linked card.
You can use the app to add some credit (using a
credit card or PayPal account), check your
balance, view your previous transactions, and
track Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards
program. You can also transfer credit between
cards if you’re running low and a friend is
happy to help. If you’re not sure where the
nearest Starbucks is, the app will show you on
a map. If you lose your phone, or have it stolen,
all you need to do is cancel your Starbucks
card and that will prevent the finder/thief
from enjoying a Venti Doubleshot Caramel
Macchiato, or similar, at your expense.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kabir Vani - Full Video Song - Satyamev Jayate | Aamir Khan

Check out the eleventh song from Aamir Khan's television show 'Satyamev Jayate'. The song is called 'Kabir Vani'. It has been composed by Ram Sampath and the lyrics have been written by Munna Dhiman and beautifully sung by Keerti Sagathia. Must watch!

Android /Windows /Mac App News : Musixmatch

Music apps these days either play music
or recognise music that’s already playing. One app in particular does both, and more.
musicXmatch finds the lyrics of whatever song you are currently listening to on your Android.

It’s great if you are a death metal listener
but can’t really understand the screams.

Availability :
musicXmatch is available for devices running
Android 2.1 or above. It’s free, but
unfortunately not ad-free. It has in-app ads
and sometimes even full-screen
advertisements when you go into the
application itself. There isn’t a donation app or in-app payment method, so you just need to live with it for now.

The application is also available for Windows
and Mac users. Just head over to the
musiXmatch website and download your
version HERE :