Saturday, June 16, 2012

Website /App Monitoring service : PushMon - Get free alerts

PushMon: Get Online & Phone Alerts When
Your Site or App Processes Fail

Site owners often use external site monitoring applications that periodically check whether or not their website is up. In case the site is down, a notification is sent to the site owner so he can take appropriate action immediately.

While such tools are helpful for checking
website availability, they cannot zoom into site processes and see whether or not individual tasks have executed successfully. For that to happen you need to place a check at the end of the process you want to monitor; if that check is not fulfilled, you will immediately know that your process did not execute like it should have. “PushMon” is a new web service that helps you do this.

PushMon is a web service currently in its beta stage. While it aims to offer paid plans later, the service is currently free to use. You can use PushMon to monitor your applications and scripts; each time your process fails, you can be sent a notification via email, phone call, SMS, Twitter, getting a ping on a URL, Google Talk, or Yahoo! Messenger. The site works by
giving you a unique URL to be pinged by the end of your application’s processing.

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