Friday, June 15, 2012


Plizy: Personalized Video Recommendation
Engine [iPad & Android]

According to 'The Internet is a great place for watching video content. There is such a multitude of videos out there that it is next to impossible to get bored. However, the problem with watching videos on the Internet is that you generally have to search for what you want, and you can’t just sit back, throw something on and enjoy it mindlessly like you can with a TV. Plizy
hopes to change that. They make it easy for you to just open the app and let it play.

Plizy features a very Pandora-like
recommendation system that learns based on
the videos you watch and the ones you don’t.
This allows it to curate content that it knows
you will like. It allows you to kick back, relax
and enjoy the entertainment without having to
search around for the particular video you
want to see next.

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