Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CloudOn -Free Android Apps on Google Play

With tablets getting even more popular,
some people are increasingly using them
not just as an entertainment device but also as for doing certain office tasks. But some of the more common productivity and office tools are not yet available for tablets. The CloudOn Android app is one service that aims to fill the void for the meantime.

The CloudOn app allows tablet users to be able
to make use of Microsoft Office tools on their
Android device. It is a cloud-based service
that makes it possible for people to read, edit
as well as create Microsoft Office documents
like Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on an
Android tablet. The CloudOn app is also equipped with and Adobe Reader as well as a File Viewer that allows users to open other file types such as PNG, GIF, PDF and more. The CloudOn app for Android is available on Google Play for free download.

Get this App Here :
CloudOn - Android Apps on Google Play

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