Friday, June 29, 2012

Music /Management Tool Website : Chrome Web Store - Online Music Alarm

Online Music Alarm: Use Your Favorite
YouTube Video As Alarm [Chrome]
If you are looking for a simple way to set an
alarm on your computer, you might want to
check out Online Music Alarm. Unlike other
websites, as you may have already noticed,
Online Music Alarm allows users to choose
their own favorite YouTube video to play as the
alarm and not some annoying sound.
The Online Music Alarm is available as a web
application in the Chrome Web Store. Just
download the application and click on the
“Set Music Alarm” tab. You will now be
required to enter the name of the video you
want to set as your alarm. Select the video you
want, click on the “Select Song” button,
and you will then be required to enter the
alarm time when the selected video clip should
start playing.
When the alarm time is over, the selected
video clip will be played in the browser.

Get this Addon/Tool Here :
Chrome Web Store - Online Music Alarm

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